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Activate Youth Board is recruiting!

Activate Youth Board (AYB) is on the look out for new members!

Activate Youth Board (AYB) is on the look out for new members!

We’re AYB and we launched in June 2016. AYB is a collective of young people, aged 16-25, who meet once a month to advise Activate on its programme of work. We meet, usually with tea and snacks, to discuss Activate’s past, present and future work to ensure its’ relevance to the young people of Dorset. Alongside this, we get hands-on experiences with the organisation, such as co-producing Actiavte’s Youth Platform 2017 and supporting the launch event of Inside Out Dorset 2018. These opportunities have offered us the chance to work closely with the Activate and Inside Out Dorset festival teams, to experience the inner workings of ­­organising events and develop skills within the creative industries. 

As part of our AYB experience, the Activate team support us in a way that’s individual to us, giving guidance, support and time.

AYB Project Manager Sammy Gillingham says, 

“AYB aims to help make what we do more relevant and accessible to young people and for the young people themselves to have true impact on our work. Furthermore, AYB aims to support young people in Dorset to become leaders in the arts, strengthen and build youth arts networks in the county, empower young people to make things happen and encourage young people to make a creative career in Dorset. We’ve had a great couple of years exploring how our Youth Board works, getting to know each other and discovering the ways in which the thoughts & advice of AYB influences Activate and it’s work. As we begin looking to 2019, AYB would like to welcome some new members into the fold!”

There are certain criteria for any young people planning to apply to join the AYB family – the young people will need to be:

  • 16 – 25 years old
  • Committed to strengthening the voice of young people in the arts sector
  • Enthusiastic, responsible, imaginative and hard-working
  • Keenly interest in the arts, and the arts in Dorset
  • Based mostly in Dorset
  • Enjoy eating snacks in group settings (we love snacks…)
  • Able to commit to attending meetings for at least 3 months; AYB meet once a month, usually on a Thursday or Friday evening, from 5:30pm – 7pm.

If this is you, or someone you know, then please get in touch with AYB Project Manager, Sammy, at samantha@activateperformingarts.org.uk or call 01305 260954 to talk more about this opportunity and find out how to apply. Deadline for enquiries: Friday 7th December 2018.

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