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What is AYB?

What is AYB?

AYB stands for Activate Youth Board. Created and ran by Project Manager Samantha Gillingham, this board consists of young local people with an interest or involvement in the arts; and was created to enable the opinion of a collection of young people to influence the work of Activate. The discussion of Activate events and contributing ideas and opinions during these meetings is done with the ambition to ensure that the events and projects Activate produce are relevant to the young people of Dorset.

Our visit to ‘The Vagina Monologues’

Supporting AYB member, Roni Neale, members of the youth board gathered at Weymouth college on Thursday the 12th of January, to watch the empowering and exposing performance of Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’.

 With Roni heavily involved in the production, as co-director of the performance (accompanied by Sarah Turner-Higgins), what better excuse to watch the poignant and hilarious play. Accompanying Roni on the stage were two other powerful female actresses, Terisa Carter and Charlotte Savine who all had electrifying and captivating energy.

 The piece was mature and erotic, whilst also being enlightening to the struggles of women globally; as the play addressed very emotional themes in moments, contrasting constantly with the comical elements in the play.

What’s the personal experience of Youth board member Zoe?

Member of the youth board, Zoe Cochrane, ellaborates on her opinions and experiences.

Being exposed to lots of current, stimulating performances has really excited me as I’m becoming more aware of current artists and performers creating work locally, which is very beneficial as I’m constantly gaining knowledge.

I enjoy using the youth board to meet other people with similar interests and aspirations, it is also a good opportunity to learn about projects other people are involved with, as I feel informed about local opportunities that I can get involved with also.

This small community has created an inclusive environment which allows us to positively impact Activate, which means that I feel as though I am making a positive difference whilst also having the privilege of inputting my ideas regarding things that would be beneficial to me as a young aspiring dancer, as well as other people with similar ambitions.

All of this whilst stuffing my face with delicious snacks and drinks… brain food of course.

Was it what I expected?

I didn’t really know what to expect when applying to be on the youth board, but I was intrigued and eager to get involved in performing arts anyway I could. It exceeded my expectations!

(Although I had no expectations)

What’s next?

Although the future tasks of the youth board are uncertain, I’m sure more and more exciting projects will be up for discussion in upcoming meetings; hopefully, accompanied by more opportunities to watch current performances, supporting local artists.

Written by: Zoe Cochrane

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