WORKSHOP with Clout Theatre: Developing a character using Lecoq’s dynamics of movement

We are thrilled to be welcoming Clout Theatre to The Lyric for two nights of performances of FEAST as well as to run a masterclass in:

Developing a character using Lecoq’s dynamics of movement
Sat 15 October, 10am - 1pm

“Tout bouge”Jacques Lecoq used to say. Or, everything moves. From a leaf blown delicately by the wind to a sausage tragically frying on a pan, how can the elements around us inspire our play on stage? Performers from Clout will encourage workshop participants to think about the world around them and how elements, materials and colours can help us create a more vivid and truthful theatre and find a different approach to creating a character. A highly physical and fun workshop suitable for adults 16+

Formed in 2012, Clout Theatre met and trained at the prestigious Lecoq theatre school in Paris. They made their first show rehearsing in Paris squats and this grimey aesthetic has formed the foundations of all their work. Although their performance style contains strong influences from their training, they have carved out their own theatrical language and now make work heavily reliant on the visual, grotesque and strange. With members from Russia, England, France and Turkey, they strive to make physically bold theatre for an international audience. Using absurd humour, violence, mess and visual poetry, their work deals with the sublime and the ridiculous in equal measure. They have performed in China, France, Germany, Turkey and Russia and are now based in London and Istanbul.

Booking is essential due to limited places. To book, please email or leave a message on 01308 423951, with your name and contact details. Payment is required to confirm your place, at £20 per person.

Find out more about Clout on their website here.

Age suitability: 
9 Barrack Street
Phone: 01308 423951

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