Live Event Details

The Beach, Wells-next-the-Sea NR23 1DR,
Norfolk & Norwich Festival
Monday 21 to Saturday 26 May

FREE and non-ticketed

Terschelling, Netherlands
Oerol Festival
Friday 15 to Sunday 24 June

FREE and non-ticketed

Basildon Park, Lower Basildon, Reading RG8 9NR
Wednesday 18 to Saturday 21 July
FREE but ticketed

Dorchester, location TBA
Inside Out Dorset Festival
Monday 17 to Saturday 22 September
More details coming soon

Come early and bring a picnic, comfy/warm clothes and sensible footwear. In order for audiences to fully enjoy Wayfaring, And Now: ask people to leave their phones at home.


Wayfaring by And Now:

Step into the unknown.

Wayfaring is a journey of exploration, inspired by the present landscape and ancient routes of the Icknield Way, which runs from North Norfolk to the Dorset Coast and has existed since pre-Roman times. Journeying along these routes, artists And Now: will create a series of artworks inviting audiences to think about movement and migration; how we arrive at, understand, inhabit and leave a space.

Wayfaring takes place at a series of locations each within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; the sites speak of the opportunities and tensions present in the countryside today. The route surfs the leading edge of the chalk geology along the interwoven trackways and paths that connect the many archaeological and historic sites.

Using local and found materials the artists will craft an installation that audiences can move through, investigate and contribute to. On the final evenings fire, music and performance will transform the installation in a rousing celebration of everybody there coming together, of paths crossing for a single night.

The Wayfaring digital artwork, an evolving sketchbook of observations and learnings created by And Now: that compliments the live work, will go live during May 2018 but you can already sign up there for information and updates on the project as it progresses into next year. 


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