Upswing Aerial and Rouge Elea Residency

As part of the 2012 Inside Out Dorset festival UK artists and a rigger from Upswing, directed by Vicki Amedume (pictured), and French Artists from Rouge Elea spent five days together in residency at Lighthouse Poole where they worked intensively together.  Using the main stage at Lighthouse Poole and a large tree in Poole Park the group explored new ideas linked to their own work to find connections within an emotional narrative and a physical language that worked for both the French and the UK artists.

As the week progressed the two companies explored the conscious decision of leaving the floor using methods that emerged organically from discussing and playing together, pushing and moving out of comfort zones, rhythm, environment, the collision of differences and instability, all of which led to the creation of a new and inherently unstable structure which moved as the artists climbed and swung within it.  Artistic Directors from each company took it in turns to lead the others, an experience Vicki reported to be very beneficial to a small company where external input of this kind is often difficult to find.

This experimental Residency culminated in a sharing of the work with PASS partners and invited guests from the UK and France.  An idea of making a piece focusing around the issues of darkness and hope began to emerge towards the end of the residency.

Kingland Road
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