Uchenna Dance - Hansel & Gretel

This contemporary retelling of the classic fairy tale finds the fearless Hansel & Gretel lost in a strange and colourful world and overwhelmed by the sights and smells of the city. Join the brave duo as they outwit the adults to find their way back to their family, in a show where kids are number one! Uchenna’s story celebrates children’s tenacity, as Hansel & Gretel tackle situations that would have the bravest of adults shaking in their boots! Vicki Igbokwe, choreographer and Uchenna Dance founder, puts her unique twist on a classic story, in a fearless dance adventure that will have the whole family grooving in their seats! Touring Dorset with Artsreach, the counties touring arts charity. Suitable 5+

www.uchennadance.com | www.artsreach.co.uk

Age suitability: 

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