Travels Programme: Devising & Movement workshop with Jamie Beddard & Michele O'Brien

LinkUpArts have been awarded funding from ‘Awards for All’ to run ‘Travels’ – a story-telling project which will run from 6th May – 5th August 2017.

Ever wanted to tell your story, but not quite sure how? Do you have some ideas, but you’re uncertain about the format? Did you come to any of our previous story-telling workshops and want to develop your skills? If the answer is yes, or even maybe, then why not join us for ‘Travels’?

Building on the success of recent projects: ‘Our Tales: Unveiled’ and ‘Your Place, Your Time’, ‘Travels’ will offer a longer, in-depth, progressive and inclusive storytelling programme. Designed to provide increased creative variety to the participants and to facilitate a long-term community group, ‘Travels’ will encourage individuals to explore and address social issues and isolation, and encourage sharing of stories within the community.

‘Travels’ workshops will be led by professional artists, story-tellers and communicators. They are primarily aimed at the local community and will be free to attend.

The programme consists of 8 workshops. Participants are welcome to attend just one, several, or all of them. Workshop leaders will aim to cover different aspects of storytelling including ‘The Art of Storytelling’, ‘Creative Writing’, ‘Dance/Movement’, ‘Script Writing’, ‘Poetry’ and ‘Performance/ Devising skills’. The leaders will each focus on a different storytelling element. There will be possibilities to present and perform your story.

If you would like more information or to register your interest in the workshops, please contact LinkUpArts at Lunch will be provided.