The PASS Partnership

As a whole the PASS partnership aims to raise awareness of contemporary circus, to train and support artists and technical staff and to bring new, live shows to audiences in France and in the UK.

Partnership working between 4 French and 4 UK partners enables us to learn from each other through our collaborative experiences of Production, Touring and Training.  Professional networks are expanded and the sharing of good practice, knowledge and skills enables personal and organisational growth and development of an art form that, as a result of the project, will reach a wider audience than could have previously been possible. The underpinning ethos of the project is to bring contemporary circus to a wider and more diverse audience.

PASS is funded by Interreg and as such facilitates collaborative work between like minded organisations in north western France and southern and eastern coastal England. Initiated following the success of a pilot in 2010, PASS will has run for three years (2012 – March 2015) during which time new work has been created, live shows toured and contemporary circus artists and technicians have received training and support that will help them to develop and expand their practice.  As a result of this joint working UK audiences have been able to see high quality French work in unique and highly accessible locations and UK artists have had the opportunity to train and tour their work in France, bringing it to new audiences and to the attention of an increasing number of Producers and Prgrammers on both sides of the Channel.

The PASS initiative has brought together an incredible number of UK and French artists, directors, producers and choreographers who have been able to make new working relationships, create original work and push the boundaries to develop their practice.

Objectives of PASS 

  • To build cross-channel networks for touring, training artists and familiarising audiences with new circus arts
  • To promote fluid cultural exchange between France and the UK, greater visibility for those involved and a dynamic new experience for those touched by work containing elements of both cultures
  • To target European mobility for artists, culture professionals and other players who have key roles in the areas involved
  • To facilitate meeting points between artists, culture professionals and audiences on both sides of the Channel to create platforms for cross-border exchange

These have been achieved thanks to the collective expertise of the PASS Partners

UK Organisations: Activate Performing Arts, SeaChange Arts, Lighthouse, and Farnham Maltings.
French organisations: La Brèche (lead partner), Cirque Jules Verne, La Renaissance and Conseil General de la Manche (Villes en scène).

With special thanks to our Associate partners Crying Out Loud, Theatre Bristol, Artsreach and the Rural Touring network in the South West

- See more at: Activate PASS Home

Schedule info: 
The project runs between Jan 2012 and March 2015
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Barrack Road
Phone: 01305 260975