The Excurtionist - A b-side symposium exploring art and tourism

b-side Symposium 8 & 9 October 2015

The Excursionist - How can tourism work for art & art work for tourism?

b-side invites you to join us for 2 days of conversation, creative provocation and intervention with guests from the world of art, heritage and environment. We will be exploring the impact of tourism on community, environment and economy and the role art can play.

The symposium is set on the Isle of Portland, a limestone outcrop framed by the Dorset coast defined by its history of stone working and military defence. The idiosyncratic appeal of this location has long held the fascination of naturalists, climbers, artists and writers and is now experiencing a burgeoning reputation as a cultural destination.

With economic drivers increasingly defining national agendas and culture used as a tool for regeneration, is art responsible for contributing to the exploitation of ecologies and communities for the benefit of the tourist economy or can it be part of the solution?

Join us on October 8th and 9th, 2015 with contributions from Artists Alistair Gentry, Jordan Mckenzie, Katrina Palmer, Phil Smith + anthropologist Julie Crawshaw, James Lingwood (Artangel), Tom Munro (Dorset AONB), Joss Allen (Deveron Arts), Dr Nigel D Morpeth (Leeds Beckett University), Sue Jones (Whitstable Biennale) + more to be announced.

Tickets £65 for both days including a delicious supper and lunch

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