The Acting Voice

THE ACTING VOICE: “I had almost washed myself with the song”

A journey of self discovery through song and ensemble work.

Led by Anna-Helena McLean, musician, director and founder of ACT (Actor-Chorus-Text) theatre practice, this one-off workshop (10:30am - 1:30pm) draws on a select trove of indigenous world music and original composition to awaken personal creativity. Participants from all ages and backgrounds will be introduced to extended vocal techniques, partner and gesture work, intensive choral singing and dynamic physical storytelling to discover a voice that speaks beyond words.

A workshop for Actors, Musicians, Physical Performers, Vocal Artists, Performing Arts/Music/Theatre students and enthusiasts in dynamic choral singing with movement, in the fantastic acoustic of The Lyric Theatre auditorium. For ages 16+. 

Places are £20 each and advance booking is essential via or 01308 423951 (please leave a message; the office is not always staffed but we will get back to you).

Activate Performing Arts is very generously supporting this workshop by offering five bursaries for the full cost. These have now all been allocated.

This workshop ties in with Moon Fool's (Anna-Helena's company) show Titania, at Bridport Arts Centre on Friday 13 May; an intoxicating, innovative re-imagining of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


“Anna-Helena communicates with her ensemble on a subtle, energetic level rather than with the mind. You find that your body, voice and finally the mind can do things that you never thought possible.” Workshop Participant

"The individual work I have recently undertaken with Anna – Helena has been nothing short of magical. Her unique approach has enabled me to access new areas of my emotional and physical body and enabled me to experience new and exciting possibilities in my voice for both spoken and sung text. Her tuition in song composition has also given me a template which I can begin to apply to my own work in an entirely new and very exciting way. It’s like taking a guided journey into new worlds. Anna –Helena makes this process feel like a very safe exploratory space as she makes her presence available, bringing with it all the wealth of deep experience at her command. I can’t recommend the work highly enough.

The same must be said too of her group work, a truly thrilling experience in true ensemble work with others….always a challenging place for me. I attended her work in Edinburgh recently and had a ball! It’s worth mentioning too that she walks her talk… her solo performance of Titania in Edinburgh was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Visceral, engaging, challenging, magical."  One-to-one tutee

“Anna-Helena’s training is stunning and unique, and it makes a profound contribution to the Grotowski-based and Polish theater training lineages. It combines great joy and playfulness with a very serious and rigorous attempt to explore and express oneself more deeply, more greatly. She uses a comprehensive array of methods aimed at the body, the breath, and the voice to unlock personal impulse, to increase focus and sensitivity, and to bring the actor into the realm of uncertainty, where he is most likely to find something new about himself. Her ecstatic warmth and vibrant energy created a most inviting and forgiving atmosphere where we are able to experience practices developed under much more austere circumstances. I felt as though I was able to tap into the mystery and power of the work in a way that was made accessible even in a short workshop period. MoonFool’s Actor – Chorus – Text training incorporates methods and exercises from all over the world and from many different forms of theater, the training is uncompromising. It demands that I as an actor do more, be more, be larger, more vibrant and unique. This, in my opinion, is an example of the ultimate in theatrical training”. Thom Pasculli – Director at Links Hall and VOX, Chicago

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9 Barrack Street
Phone: 01308 423951

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