TERRA by James Finnemore

James Finnemore has made and toured work in the UK and internationally with acclaimed companies including Hofesh Shechter Co., Punchdrunk, Carte Blanche and Olivier Dubois.

TERRA is a subtle, disconcerting and deeply affecting study of fear. When a journey taken by a group of travellers is complicated by unseen violences, which manipulate, confuse, and hypnotise them, they are forced to become something other than themselves.

Set to the haunting beats of an originally composed sound score and a visually mesmeric lighting design, James Finnemore’s ethereal, intricate and captivating choreography, punctuated with wild and thrilling moments of athleticism, conjure a world where suspicion and fear can change us in unrecognisable ways.

Age guidance 16+

Pavilion Dance South West
Phone: 01202 203630