Tentacle Tribe – ‘Origami Mami’ & ‘Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid’

Hailing from Montreal in Canada, this contemporary hip hop troupe present an award-winning double bill. InOrigami Mami, three exceptional female dancers perform a routine that unfolds from simple to complex geometry, looking like the interlocking parts of a machine with bending, folding steps as intricate as origami. Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squidis a stunning urban hip-hop duet, inspired by the fluid movements of diverse land and sea creatures. In a delectable fusion of music and movement, they invent a geometry of harmonious urban contemporary dance that they call ‘conceptual hip-hop’ or ‘deconstructed street dance’. Choreographers Emmanuelle and Elon have worked together since 2005, forming Tentacle Tribe in 2012 after their first performance for Cirque Du Soleil in Quebec City.Expect a relentlessly athletic and hugely impressive performance as the company arrives in the UK this autumn.Touring Dorset with Artsreach, the counties touring arts charity.

www.artsreach.co.uk  |  www.tentacletribe.com


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