Strata on Stonebarrow - Autobiographical Movement

STRATA is an ideal workshop for performers developingboth  immersive and site-specific movement skills. It develops your awareness of what is around you and your improvisatin skills.


It is a chance to work with a personal, autobiographical theme that is uppermost in your life currently. You will work through movement, through making installations and through exploring your relationship with different outdoor sites.


We work for 6 days indoors at first but mainly on Stonebarrow: a rare chance to move down through the different strata of this 'Jurassic' hill until we reach the sea. 

Each location offers a different kind of terrain, which will afford different movement possibilities and different associations. Gradually you find the terrain and the spot that suits you best at this time to create a piece of work.


It is an opportunity, through the art and practice of movement, to get a new perspective on the stories you tell yourself about yourself.  Take these 6 days to be curious about your ever-changing self, to interrupt habits, to appreciate the sheer joy of movement, to embrace the unknown and to allow creativity to emerge from your life experiences.

This workshop offers you the chance to slow down, move, breathe and become aware of the particular song, resonances and echoes of your inner life as you move on the hilltop, in the woodland, on the ledges and by the seashore. Each person develops their on movement piece to share by the end of the 6 days.

Some of the skills we will explore along the way include: 

  • Stop. Feel your position. Relax. Move following the sensations of your body.
  • Become aware of the muscle of atmosphere.                   
  • Learn to commit to a movement for as long as it takes.
  • Play with proportion and perspective.
  • Play with balance and off-balance.
  • Practise noticing what you notice and giving it value - the particular qualities, textures, details and movements that hold meaning for you.
  • Find the ever-shifting threshold between spontaneity and awareness.
  • Become aware of yourself as part of your composition in movement. You are a part of life’s movements.
  • Becoming your own guide/an involved witness through this creative process.