Thu 20  Gillingham School Theatre, Dorset, SP8 4QP

Fri 21  Crediton Arts Centre, Devon EX17 2AX 

Sat 22  Falmouth University Performance Centre, Cornwall TR10 9LX  

Sun 23 Cecil Memorial Hall, Cranborne, BH21 5QB 

We were delighted to welcome Atelier LeFeuvre et Andre to the South West to tour 8M3 to some of our rural towns and villages.  It was a superb performance that took place in an unlikely 8 cubic metre wooden ‘hut’ on the stage.  Comprising two shows - Chez Moi Circus and Ni Omnibus in which two charming, funny men made us chuckle throughout.  Audience members found themselves gasping in amazement at the highly skilful, daring, perfect timing and off-the-wall antics of this new circus comedy duo. This polished performance worked so well at all levels and was enjoyed equally by the adults and children who came to see the show.

This was their second appearance in the South West this year.  In September audiences queued patiently at the Inside Out Dorset Festival to see the circus French performers in action in their poly tunnel, performing their highly successful 20 minute piece, ‘La Serre’.  The pair left their audiences absolutely enchanted and often crying with laughter with their perfect execution of circus, incredible demonstrations of strength and exquisite timing. 

The show was unique, intimate, very funny and certainly most memorable!  The genius of the performance is that it takes place within such a tiny, restricted space which really tests the Gallic artists’ performance skills. Its idiosyncrasy completely charmed children and adults of all ages with its seemingly effortless blend of intelligent, well-polished stunts, illusions and contortion - with a large helping of laughter!  

In the first half, Chez Moi Circus, a juggler (Didier Andre) found himself alone in his caravan, in front of an old television set.  In this shrunken space he took the audience on a journey through his life as an artist where with humour and poetry the everyday objects around him came alive. Didier's deadpan expression , which he maintained throughout, and and the way in which he reacted so instinctively to the audience was absolutely first class.

The transformation from the first to the second half was intriguing and well worth missing the interval bar to stay and watch, as the caravan became a bar and audience members were invited to join the artists for a drink before the bar turned into a bus steered only by orange crates.  In Ni Omnibus, Jean Paul Lefeuvre skillfully had us believing that the outdoors had become the indoors, that the music was the engine and that half a dozen orange crates and a broom were the steering wheel, driver's seat and gear stick around which he contorted his body, much to the amazement of the audience.  They told us to empty our heads and expect the unexpected.  It certainly was unexpected - right until the very last moment when there was still a surprise in store.  Altogether a superb performance by a highly professional company.


The Atelier LeFeuvre et André Rural Tour was produced by Activate Performing Arts in association with Artsreach, Villages in Action and Carn to Cove, is part of the PASS Circus Channel project. 

PASS is a 3-year Anglo-French initiative to develop Contemporary Circus artists and audiences in the UK and in France.  Producers, Artists and technicians in both countries are working collaboratively to bring more and even better shows from the exciting world of Contemporary Circus to new audiences on both sides of the English Channel.







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