February, 15th 2020

Lighthouse, Poole´s Centre for the Arts

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Produced by Laurent C. Lucas

Plays by Annie Herridge and John Foster

Directed by Annie Herridge and Charmain K. Parkin


Take time to come, see and decide for yourself which world you live in.

An experience for everyone - personal and honest.

2 stories, one night!

"I thought I survived being gay in a time when it was illegal...I survived my

mother's attempt to put me through Aversion what was cancer? Just some other arsehole telling me I'd no right to exist...."

RED HOT POKERS - based on a true story - writer/ director Annie Herridge honours the free spirit,

giving a voice to a fascinating life, taking us on a journey through time and

reminding us that is us who decide what we make of life, despite what it has in

store for us.




"I was me, Just me, Person imperfect..."

DEATH OF A MODEL CITIZEN - writer John Foster and director Charmain K.

Parkin satirise the false public laudation and idolatry of the victims of violence,

celebrating instead the very human faults and imperfections of the so-called model citizens.


Followed by a Q&A.

A Valentine's gift from Doppelganger Productions to you…


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