Peter and the Wolf (and Me), Bridport Arts Centre

1985, Harare, Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe is carving a new African vision; Michael Jackson’s Thriller is high in the charts. In the dusty heat a boy plays out the life and death adventures of a child called Peter from a cold faraway story. But the Wolf is real.

At school, to avoid the boredom and the casual dispensation of corporal punishment, a young boy tells the folk tale Peter and The Wolf to his class. In his telling of it, Russia is replaced with Africa, the duck with a rooster. As the play progresses, the boundaries between the story in class and life at home with his stepfather, an alcoholic Muslim soldier, begin to blur and merge. Live music, 80’s pop culture and huge energy all feed into this entertainingly poignant play.

Presented in partnership with Activate.

Please visit the Bridport Arts Centre website to book tickets

This performance is also a TheatreNet event (plus a free drink!) - please contact Wendy if you would like to attend.

South Street

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