'Olive & The Dream Train' by Theatre Alibi

Olive is always daydreaming. She daydreams about what's going on inside her cat's head, or about that weird picture above her bed of a steam train puffing out of a fireplace...

Nine year old Olive is constantly in trouble for daydreaming until the day her very own dream train chuffs into the station. Stepping aboard we join her on a madcap ride to the wildest, funniest and furthest reaches of her imagination. The wonders Olive glimpses on her magical journey include an incredible miniature town, a whistlestop tour of Paris and a funfair for cats where her cat Miu licks a fish on a stick at a cat snack shack before leaping on a catter-coaster for thrills and spills!

Action-packed, funny and touching, with fabulous puppets and props, performers and an eye-popping set, Olive & the Dream Train is guaranteed to delight children and grown-ups alike. Live music is also a special ingredient of the show and the musician will be playing clarinet, as well as using an iPad to create some amazing sound effects.

Join Olive on a thrilling ride to the wildest, funniest and furthest reaches of her imagination!

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