Mr Darcy Loses The Plot

Jane Austen sits writing, she is dreaming up Mr Darcy but she is interrupted by her sister. Mr Darcy is left dangling. Now left to his own devices he starts to embroider his own storyline. Increasingly he becomes fed up with his role in Pride and Prejudice, he is arrogant, unsociable and the girls do not fall for him. 

By contrast the dashing Mr Wickham has a much more exciting plot line. In a fit of pique Mr Darcy dives into a lake and emerges in a totally different story, he is suddenly Maxim de Winter in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. Finding himself on trial for murder he hastens back to Jane Austen, only to find the glorious Mr Wickham has eloped into another story - he turns up as the Foxy Whiskered Gentleman in Beatrix Potter’s Jemima Puddleduck.

Mr Darcy also makes an appearance in Mary Barton before deciding he was better off where he started.


Running Times: 45 mins/20min interval/45mins


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