Mother and Daughter

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival

Date: 10th October 2016
Time: 8.00pm
at 7.00pm there will be a showing of the work which took place during related
workshops in the area over the last 6 months.
Venue: Shelley Theatre, Beechwood Avenue, Bournemouth BH5 1LX

“Do you like me?”
“Oh…. I can’t think without my teeth in!”

What makes the relationship between Mother and Daughter?
BABTS regular and Associate Artist Michele O’Brien (The Spice Box
2011, A Walk with Lady Jane Shelley, Journey to the Hell of a Woman 2012 (repeated 2013, The
Girl and the Shoes 2013, ‘Poppy Fields’, Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre (2014) this year shares
an honest and truthful reflection on what it means to have an older parent and the questions we
need to ask, but rarely get the chance to.

This funny, tender heart-felt, one woman show is drawn from workshops across the area with local
women and life with Michele’s own 91 year old Mother, Gena.
We often here people say “If only I asked!” when a parent is no longer with us and Michele has
determined to take the many opportunities she has had to share with her Mother, to change that. In
doing so she has facilitated other women sharing and reflecting on their relationships with their
own mothers and daughters collaborating with Denise Poote who used the camera to capture
portraiture with Mothers and Daughters during the workshops.

Directed by Katherina Radeva, who brought ’Near Gone’ to the

Mother and Daughter: “I'm Glad I Asked!”

Participants comments:
“It made us think about things we wouldn’t have thought about otherwise”
“Nice to be ‘validated’ as mother/daughter”.
“So nice to share this experience together. Thank you”

Michele is continuing her exploration of this important subject on line through a Survey Monkey
campaign and invites any women to answer three simple questions and reflect on their
experiences as a mother and/or a daughter:

Image: Caroline Johnson

Age suitability: 
Beechwood Avenue

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