Luke Brown & A Dance A Day, workshop together in Bridport

The Luke Brown workshop was made possible by Activate

Luke Brown Dance Company is in Dorset this week, at Marine Theatre to do research and development as part of their R&D By The Sea scheme. The finished performance will tour in September so look out for in back at The Marine.

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A Dance A Day who are a group of commited dancers who are 50+ in age (Activate initiated the group but, after funding for the project finished, the members worked to self-sustain the group.) They meet weekly in Charmouth, led by dance practitioner, Anna Golding and have performed curtain raisers for Bridport Arts Centre dance events and have performed at London's Olympic Park.

The two got together at Bridport Town Hall on Sunday and, led by Luke, begain with some technique creative improvisation sessions which led on to a piece of repitoire taken from Luke Brown Dance Company's latest development ideas.  

The ADAD group fed back that they had such a wonderful time with Luke and made some very beautiful work which they will go on to develop.

Anna Golding felt Luke's professionalism really shone through and his sensitivity, in terms of working with older dancers - the right balance of challenging and supportive. 


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