It Runs In The Family

The 25th Anniversary production of It Runs in the Family by Ray Cooney

Dr. David Mortimore, renowned neurologist, is about to deliver the most important lecture of his life. A knighthood is certainly within reach! When into his hospital sanctuary comes Jane Tate - ex-nurse and ex-girlfriend - with shocking news as to why she departed so hastily 16 years and nine months ago. Not only is Dr. Mortimore the father of her son Leslie, but the strapping teenager is now in reception baying to see his long lost parent! 

Trying to hold both his career and marriage together, there is only one solution for Dr. Mortimore – send for faithful friend Dr. Bonney. What ensues is a dangerous web of expanding lies and manic cover-ups involving a Police Sergeant, Dr. Mortimore’s wife, a severe hospital Matron and Dr. Bonney’s mother as the duo improvise at breathtaking speed in a near faultless piece of theatrical invention with the inevitable ... hilarious consequences.

It Runs in the Family is farce at its finest, spinning deliriously out of control and tickling the funny bones in traditional Ray Cooney fashion. You mustn’t miss it!

Starring Rebecca Wheatley (Casualty), Judy Buxton (On the Up), Michelle Morris (The Knock) and David Callister (The Bill).


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