Hip Hop Dance Summit

HIP HOP DANCE SUMMIT A Free Event For Festival and Venue Programmers Our two organisations believe in the relevance and attraction of hip hop dance for audiences and participants of today. We have supported, co-commissioned and created new contexts for this vibrant dance style and will continue to present artists who have their roots in hip hop. Over two jam-packed days there will be the opportunity to see works by nine companies, meet peers face to face, engage in debate and learn from a new talks programme. With over 60 programmers joining us last year, don’t miss the opportunity to sign up and take part in 2015’s hip hop summit. Companies you’ll see at the Summit: *Steam* by The Urban Playground Team Urban explorers enter an empty industrial space and beneath canvas tarps discover the skeletal remains of a machine that changed the world. Captivated, they open a furnace and shovel coal on the fires of the past. An elegant model of efficient motion, it is monstrously utilitarian and gracefully refined. In the ghostly light of the hungry engine images of epic journeys appear. In The Mind of a Bird by BirdGang Dance Company A new triple bill featuring E, Vice and Birds Eye View, although all very different in process and form, each piece has the company’s Bird-like quality. It offers a great insight to the creative range of BirdGang Dance Company. Entwined by Botis Seva & Duwane Taylor Two of London’s most impressive and engaging hip hop performers, Botis Seva and Duwane Taylor, come together to present an eclectic mixed bill of solos and collaborations. Expect individuality, intricacy and intensity from their unique, thought-provoking choreography encompassing krump, house, and waving. The Spalding Suite, conceived by Inua Ellams, directed by Benji Reid and Produced by Fuel A new physical theatre show inspired by the UK's basketball sub-culture. Fresh poetry combined with contemporary movement celebrates the elegance and beauty of basketball. Seen from a British perspective, The Spalding Suite gets to the heart and soul of the gravity-defying game and delves into the hopes and dreams of those who play it. Six dynamic performers mix live beatboxing, hip hop, music, moves and poetry, taking us from the fleeting high of the score and the robust camaraderie of the team, to the poignant lows of a body too worn to play the game. Savage Beauty by Hype Dance in collaboration with Boy Blue Entertainment and Ingle Gym Inspired by the life of boxing world champion Junior Witter, professional dancers and boxers meet in the ring to fuse Ingle Gym’s footwork patterns with contemporary hip hop dance theatre. Through high-energy and hard-hitting movement combined with the melodic rhythm of fists connecting with leather, the show exposes the guidance, influences and stories from Ingle Gym. We’re also delighted to share 20 minutes of the very first outing of Fagin’s Twist by Avant Garde Dance, a re-imagining of Oliver Twist that will be ready for touring in Spring 2016 and two works in progress that emerge from the Hip Hop ChoreoLAB, a South East Dance and Pavilion Dance South West initiative supporting hip hop choreographers working with new collaborators. The hip hop dance summit will take place at Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth, BH1 2BU. Day 1 runs from 1pm on Friday 8th May till 11pm and Day 2 starts at 9am running through till 5pm on Saturday 9th May. If you’re a programmer and have any further questions or want to join us in Bournemouth, email Sheila Creevey at sheila@pdsw.org.uk by 10/04/2015 and she’ll confirm your attendance by 17/04/15. Please download the invitation here. DAY & TIME Friday 1pm-11pm & Saturday 9am-5pm

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Three day event
Westover Road