Clout Theatre presents FEAST

Feast. A show about food. From primitive struggle, through the baroque excess to technological perversion, how has our relationship with nourishment changed throughout history? 

This wordless and grotesque show employs physical theatre, clowning and multimedia to delve into the evolution of humanity, exposing consumerism's excesses and extremes. With cascades of milk, raw steaks, live feed webcams and plenty of soil FEAST is an hour of virtuosic anarchy the like of which you are unlikely to have seen before. 

'[Hieronymous] Bosch would applaud... brilliantly disturbing, not least because of the belly laughs that it serves up'  ★★★★ The Herald

'An hour long riot of macabre buffoonery worth savouring'   ★★★★ The List

‘An audacious, profound, ridiculous and oh-so-naughty provocation from one of the finest, most original physical theatre companies in the world.’ ★★★★★ Across The Arts

'Dionysian in an up to date way... a fabulous feast of visual imagery that we gobble up with delight'  TOTAL THEATRE

Formed in 2012, Clout Theatre met and trained at Lecoq in Paris. They made their first show rehearsing in Paris squats and this grimey aesthetic has formed the foundations of all their work. Although their performance style contains strong influences from their training, they have carved out their own theatrical language and now make work heavily reliant on the visual, grotesque and strange. With members from Russia, England, France and Turkey, they strive to make physically bold theatre for an international audience. Using absurd humour, violence, mess and visual poetry, their work deals with the sublime and the ridiculous in equal measure. They have performed in China, France, Germany, Turkey and Russia and are now based in London and Istanbul.

We are delighted to have Clout here at The Lyric with two nights' performances on Fri 14 and Sat 15 October (both 8pm), plus a workshop in physical theatre on the Saturday, 10am-1pm. Tickets for the show are £12, available in advance from Bridport Arts Centre: 01308 424204 / online and BearKat Bistro. Any unsold tickets available on the door from 7:30pm. 

For ages 14+

Clout are also leading a special workshop on the Saturday in developing a character. Find out details on our website.

Age suitability: 
9 Barrack Street
Phone: 01308 424204

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