Cape Alley

FREE performance

Deep within a dense and overpopulated city centre, four characters find refuge in a long-forgotten backstreet named Cape Alley.

Each night the group meet to create their own blissfully carefree world, turning Cape Alley into a gritty vaudeville that illuminates in a whirlwind of limbs, rhythmic rituals and playful sparring.

The four begin to live on the fringe of delirium; as lines between reality and fantasy start to dissolve they find themselves in an illusory trap of their own making.

Cape Alley was commissioned by Dance Village at Bristol Harbour Festival, Pavilion Dance South West, co-produced by Swindon Dance, restaged and supported by Arts Council England.

Developed through Breakin' Conventions’ Back to the Lab at Sadler’s Wells. 

Saturday, 2nd July, 2pm & 5pm 

PAVILION DANCE SOUTH TERRACE (OUTDOOR VENUE) Pavilion Dance South West, Westover Road, overlooking Lower Gardens, Bournemouth BH1 2BU

Schedule info: 
Westover Road

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