Buffalo Gals

Buffalo Gals are at the forefront of the current wave of American roots-inspired UK music. Representing a revival of the old string band tradition in its most vibrant form, Buffalo Gals’ intoxicating style is punctuated with the stunning and thrillingly syncopated traditional step-dance that has become one of their trademarks. 

Led by champion USA fiddler Kate Lissauer, the Gals specialise in the old songs and tunes of Appalachia, early Bluegrass, early Country music, blues and rags, ballads, work songs, dance numbers, spirituals and gospel – all delivered with passion, flair and humour.

Combining a love of traditional sounds with an enthusiasm for fresh arrangement and a talent for lively entertainment, they appeal to audiences of all ages, whether aficionados of old-time country music or completely new to its charms.

The visual and musical delights of their performances, as well as their humour and rapport with audiences, have made Buffalo Gals one of the most sought-after acts on the roots music circuit.

Aikman Lane
West Totton
SO40 8FT
Phone: 02380 667683

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