Arena Theatre present: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Take a smidge of magic, add some action, love and humour, attach a smattering of puppetry, a mix of video and physical theatre, and you have the ingredients for this unforgettable spell. 

Girl loves boy, boy loves girl, fairies get involved, boy falls for girl’s best friend. Add to this an awful bunch of amateur actors, a barney between the king and queen of the fairies and a shape changing transformation; place it in modern day Greece against the backdrop of economic collapse and viola!  The perfect mix of havoc, comedy and romance for a rollercoaster performance.

Arena Theatre is a highly acclaimed company from Bournemouth, who are proud to boast Mark Rylance and Jez Butterworth amongst their Patrons. Award winning Arena Theatre brings their take on Shakespeare’s classic to Hanger Farm for the very first time on the 500th anniversary of the Bard’s death.  Arena is renowned for staging high impact, imaginative productions of richly theatrical and challenging work.

Aikman Lane
West Totton
SO40 8FT
Phone: 02380 667683

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