Angel Heart Theatre - 'Mazymeg and the Honeybees'

Albert lives alone with his beloved honeybees on Dartmoor, a mysterious land where nothing is as it seems. One day a stranger appears and steals Albert's bees and it's as though the light has gone from Albert's world. But a second visitor comes to his cottage – a little Pisky, called Mazymeg. She promises to find his bees, for she knows who the stranger is: Dark Dewer, the wicked wizard. 'Tis said on Dartmoor that to get lost is to be 'pisky-led'. Lose your way with Mazymeg and a host of strange and funny characters, as she tries to bring home Albert's bees. Weaving threads of Devon folklore, an original soundtrack by Dartmoor musicians and shape-shifting puppetry this is Angel Heart's most enchanting show yet. Suitable 3+

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