A Medieval Christmas

Featuring long-forgotten festive songs (plus some surprisingly familiar carols!) played on authentic instruments such as cittern, bagpipes and shawm, this celebration of Yuletide Past is sure to warm the hearts of young and old.

Christmas in the Middle Ages was very different from the celebration that we know today – yet many of our Yuletide customs stem from this period, such as carol singing and kissing under the mistletoe.

“A Medieval Christmas”  explores the origins of some of these practices. It also sheds light on some slightly less pleasant Christmas customs such as the

festive game of ‘The Smoking of the Fool’ not to mention the annual ‘Beating of the Children’! The medieval period is also famous for its tales of magic and wonder, and “A Medieval Christmas” pays homage to this tradition by presenting a festive tale of knights, damsels, quest and adventure.  “A Medieval Christmas”

is the ideal show for anyone looking to recapture the simple Yuletide pleasures of music, song, tales, mirth and fellowship.

Aikman Lane
West Totton
SO40 8FT
Phone: 02380 667683

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