Vision & Aims

Our vision

To help create a thriving performing arts and outdoor celebrations ecology in Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole.

Our aims

Activate produces, promotes and develops the performing arts in Dorset with the belief that artists can affect and/or provide positive change in our communities.

Activate is the only strategic organisation in Dorset with the sole focus on producing and developing contemporary theatre, Community dance and outdoor celebrations/festivals.  We work with venues, programmers, the education sector, artists, social services, environment, economic development, among others who all play a part in the ecology, sharing and delivering our aspirations with us.

"There is no better organisation to work with than Activate. It is an efficient hard working organisation which punches way above its weight delivering exciting projects and initiative across Dorset for a whole range of people. All that is done with a diligence, and skill far beyond what you would expect from a small organisation. I know I can rely on them to deliver."
- Mike Hoskin, Arts Development Manager, Dorset County Council.

Whilst following the following principles of...

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Access
  • Equal opportunities
  • Diversity
  • Quality & artistic excellence
  • Partnership & co-operation

Audience feedback

‘I just want life to always be like this.’
Audience Member, Inside Out Dorset 2012