Vision & Aims

Our vision

Our aim is to be a national leader in presenting outdoor land-based arts and work with international partners in the development of this art form.  Our aim is to engage large audiences in this work  and also community partners in our diverse participatory programme.  

We are passionate about work that touches the heart, has meaning and integrity. We engage with artists who communicate with an audience and we work with our colleagues to create high-quality diverse practice and develop audiences for that work (this will work in conjunction with our Diversity Policy).

Our aims

  • work with artists who want to make work that is contemporary in its practice;
  • work with diverse artists reflecting our communities locally and across the UK, as well as inviting diverse artists from overseas where possible;
  • work with artists who understand, or who want to develop their understanding of what makes working in the outdoor realm so special;
  • work with the understanding that performance cannot happen without an audience and the value of the relationship between the audience and the art;
  • work with artists who are engaged in working with the community – inspiring others with their practice and their generosity;
  • work with artists focussed on participatory work to share their practice with communities;
  • work with artists who want to challenge themselves and audiences as well as delighting, welcoming, and inspiring their audience;
  • work with artists who are passionate about what they have to communicate and think about how they do this with an audience;
  • work with colleagues and partners to realise artistic projects that can benefit children and young people, diverse communities, our elders/older people and the audiences across our communities who we want to grow and develop;
  • be based locally, benefiting our local community and work internationally in order to fulfill our vision in producing, promoting and developing the highest standards of work for audiences and artists;
  • encourage artists to try something new, to develop their practice and to help others to develop their potential.

Audience feedback

. It was lovely beyond my anticipation. Inside Out has once again provided an arts event of the highest quality, with memories to last a lifetime.

Audience Member, Wayfaring, IOD2016