Gobbledegook Theatre

Actor/performer, Costume/Set Design, Education/Training, Individual Artist, Musician, Theatre Company

Gobbledegook make theatre for unusual places. We specialise in making work for children and families, creating happenings through live performance, music and installation, often for the outdoors.

As theatre artists, our guiding principal is to create or facilitate work which 'renders the familiar strange' for audiences – be it on a seafront promenade, in public gardens, libraries, classrooms or playgrounds. We believe very strongly in play for people of all ages and that the link between theatre, playing and making stories is very close indeed. Gobbledegook are happier presenting work in the foyer of a theatre than being inside the theatre itself. Here's our website: http://www.gobbledegooktheatre.com

One of our favourite projects is this one, Ear Trumpet, and we've been thrilled to receive lots of support from some wonderful people and organisations to create it. You can read more about it here: http://www.gobbledegooktheatre.com/#!ear-trumpet/c1as

Gobbledegook IS theatre artist Lorna Rees, but she often asks other brilliant people to play on a project-by-project basis. Lorna is proud to be from the beautiful county of Dorset and frequently makes work inspired by where she lives.

We have a blog and a twitter feed and you can find links to these on our website.