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I’m Caroline and I’m the Producer for Theatre, Education and Outreach.


I joined Activate at the end of 2017 after many years working as part of the team for Salisbury International Arts Festival. As a Dorset resident I’m really enjoying working within the Dorset cultural community and exploring and experiencing the diverse range of events both at indoor arts venues and outside against the backdrop of the fantastic Dorset landscape.

Whilst at the Festival in Salisbury, in my role as Associate Programmer, I worked across a range of artforms, including outdoor arts and theatre.  I’m delighted to be part of the team at Activate and to have the opportunity not only to continue to work in the Festival and outdoor arts sector but also to build links with the local community and bring extraordinary work to their doorstep.

My role at Activate is diverse and exciting; in my first year it has included working on the creation and delivery of the outreach programme for Inside Out Dorset, bringing schools, community groups and artist together, engaging with venues across the region and has culminated with working on the production and delivery of Danny Boyle’s Pages of the Sea, in partnership with 14-18 Now.