Protecting the environment

  • Aren’t many of the Green Space Dark Skies locations already busy with visitors? If the project is about raising awareness of our relationship to the landscape and our responsibility to protect it, why are you taking lots of people to these places?

    Green Space Dark Skies places environmental and social sustainability at the heart of its design and delivery; highlighting the value of the natural environment as a core purpose and delivering significant measurable positive impact.

    Green Space Dark Skies will enable people from all walks of life to forge new connections with the countryside by supporting those who experience cultural and physical barriers to experiencing our National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to access events.

    To protect these amazing places, the exact locations will only be revealed to the people who have registered to take part. There will be no spectators, but anyone can take part for free as long as they sign up in advance and everyone can watch the films of each event online.

    The viability of locations and the plans at each site are being developed by the Green Space Dark Skies team in consultation with the expert advice of its partners at National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Green Space Dark Skies team is also working closely with landowners and local stakeholders, including the National Trust on the creative planning and delivery of each event. Therefore, each event will depend on the confirmation of landowner permissions, approval of event plans and local stakeholder engagement and so event locations and dates may be subject to change.

    Green Space Dark Skies will be a carbon net-positive project*, combining exemplar low-emissions production with climate investments.

    *The Green Space Dark Skies team is measuring and balancing 100% of its unavoidable Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. The team also acknowledges its Scope 3 emissions and the complexity associated with calculating these, and is working hard to rise to the challenge with its stakeholders.

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