Green Space Dark Skies

This project invites 20,000 people, from all paths in life, to make a journey into the landscape together. There, we will experience wild and beautiful places across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as dusk falls. Each mass gathering celebrates nature, our responsibility to protect it and everyone’s right to explore the countryside.

One of 10 major projects commissioned as part of UNBOXED

UNBOXED Creativity in the UK is a groundbreaking UK-wide celebration of creativity in 2022. Led by outdoor arts pioneers Walk the Plank, Green Space Dark Skies takes place from April to September. Activate is working with Walk the Plank to present Green Space Dark Skies in the Dorset Area of Outstanding National Beauty. Over six months, thousands of people will become Lumenators, carrying low-impact lights specially designed by Siemens to be sensitive to the night-time environment, at up to 20 different secret locations. There, we will create art outdoors, recorded by film and photography.

The inspiration is the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Kinder Scout mass trespass, when 500 people walked across Kinder Scout in protest at the laws that made crossing the land illegal. Today, the UK’s National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) are places that anyone can visit, any time, for free. But we know that not everybody feels able to make use of these spaces. We are inviting people who feel excluded from our wild spaces to make a journey together. Our aim is to create powerful new connections with the UK’s countryside. Right now, this is more urgent than ever as we all face the climate emergency. We consider our landscapes as places worth protecting, for everyone, forever.

Get involved

Here in Dorset, Activate is inviting hundreds of people to become lumenators and to come together in June to create a unique film in the heart of Dorset’s Area of Outstanding National Beauty. Click below to become a lumenator.

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