Summer Residency – The Remix and Portrait Dance

During the summer of 2014 Joli Vyann artists were commissioned to work with Activate’s integrated theatre company The Remix (East and West) and Portrait Dance at their summer residency 'Summer Sensation' which took place between 28th and 31st July 2014.  Portrait is a Dorset Youth Dance managed by Activate Performing Arts.  This was an exceptional, innovative piece of work where for the first time the Remixand Portrait Dance worked together to create a performance piece. The Remix is an integrated theatre company consisting of young people some with and some without disabilities.  The whole company cosists fo two separate grops which are geographgically split into Remix East and Remix West.  Portrait Dance provides a platform for young aspiring dancers to develop and hone their skills and to perform in public.  All the young people are under the age of 25 years.

The circus dance piece that was created as a result of the residency was subsequently developed then premiered at the Inside Out Dorset festival at the PASS Up in the Air event at Studland on 13th September – part of the Inside Out Dorset programme produced by Activate performing Arts and performed twice at the Circus Family Fun Day at Lighthouse Poole on 26 October 2014. 

This is the second year running that The Remix have benefited from direction from contemporary circus artists and, following last year’s success with Balancera, and outstanding performance co-directed by Angela Laurier from Paris, Diverse City’s Claire Hodgson and Billy Alwen of Cirque Bijou.

Age suitability: 
  • Summer Sensation performance at 'Up in the Air'

  • Remix East, Remix West and Portrait Dance in 'Summer Sensation' at 'Up in the Air'

  • Summer Sensation

  • 'Summer Sensation' performed at Inside Out Dorset Festival 2014 in Studland