Making Outdoor Arts Sustainable - A Toolkit

The ISAN Environmental Sustainability Toolkit Making Outdoor Arts Sustainable. The ISAN Environment Sustainability Toolkit was commissioned by ISAN and authored by Julie’s Bicycle, with support from Arts Council England. The Toolkit focuses on practical achievable measures and highlights examples of good practice from case studies covering a range of presentation platforms, generic processes and contexts. It contains good practice guidelines, resource information, a glossary of terms and useful contacts to facilitate the creation of environmentally sustainable outdoor art. It is designed to help the wider outdoor arts constituency to develop sustainable practice. It is intended to be used by both small and large organisations as a means to support and develop greener and more efficient working practices. “Street and Outdoor Arts have a long history of activism and discussing sustainability. [...] Our planet’s resources are finite and we all share a responsibility to both discuss these issues artistically and make tangible practical steps to reduce our carbon footprint – this Toolkit aims to assist with the latter.” Here is a link to the toolkit :