Avoid Getting Lost in Marketing

The Marketing Map shows you the way to simplify marketing.

A fold out toolkit you can pin to the wall of your office or studio.

A simple action plan of what to do when.

Saving you money, time and stress.

The Arts Marketing Association commissioned Dorset based consultant Ros Fry to create The Marketing Map because she is dedicated to demystifying marketing in the cultural sector (and won a 2008 Women of the Year award for her work making the arts more accessible).

You can buy your copy by phone on 01308 423360 or online from www.westmeadcreative.org.uk for £15  (inclusive of VAT, package & postage) or in person from Ros for £10 (inclusive of VAT & packaging). Student price of £6.

Arts Marketing Association

Is for arts professionals passionate about bringing arts and audiences together and works with them throughout their careers to support their aspirations, give them the skills to achieve their goals, grow their confidence and strengthen their organisations.

Audience Finder

Can help with analysing, finding, developing and connecting with audiences.  Great set of FREE tools for you to use