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Sense of Unity – a touring production

Worldbeaters and Dundu

Activate Performing Arts

The Artists

  • Worldbeaters Music

    Worldbeaters Music was set up in 2005, and is the result of a 20-year working partnership and friendship between Chris Maines-Beasley and Alex Tustin. Company ethos that everyone deserves music inspires the duo to create dynamic, unique, and high-quality musical shows for all ages to enjoy. Based in Whitley Bay, in the North East of England, this partnership now has 12 performers and has toured the world with its production Spark!

  • Dundu

    The sophisticated and innovative design of the hypnotising Dundu puppets is the creation of company co-founder Tobias Husemann. Dundu’s transparent, flexible body, made up of individual fibre strands weaved together, is handled and steered by a team of 5 puppeteers who collectively breathe life into the gigantic puppets. Magical moments are created especially in harmony with the music of the West African Harp Kora by the other co-founder of Dundu, Stefan Charisius.


Creative Director Bill Gee

Producer Dom Kippin

Dundu Fabian Seewald, Stefan Charisius, Philipp Bauer, Bastian Kutz, Kamal Singh, David Weiß

Worldbeaters Alex Tustin, Chris Maines-Beasley, Brendan Murphy, Francesca Knowles, Joe Cromey-Hawke, Mark Johnson, Daniel Wells

Logistics Lottie-Lou Poulet

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