The Green Carpet

The Green Carpet is a ‘laboratory’, where the artist and community are involved in co-creation, with the environment and sustainability in mind.

We aim to:
• cultivate new relationships between multi-disciplinary artists and the communities in
which they work;
• welcome different artforms and build sustainable practice where participants are
involved, in shared decision-making;
• develop new partnerships;
• exchange skills hospitality and help artists develop their work with the public as part of
the in the creation process.

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We are 5 organisations that commission and present outdoor work together, sharing expertise, and resources. This network acts as a platform for artistic creation to support emerging artforms and particular site specific/responsive artistic practice, to develop new work connecting art and the environment.
We are Activate Performing Arts, International Festival of Street Arts of Chassepierre, Le Citron Jaune - National Center of Street Arts and Public Space, Cirque Jules Verne - National Circus Pole and Street Arts d 'Amiens and the departmental area of Chamarande.

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There is a Call Out For Proposals opportunity being offered (February 2019) :