Roundabout; Activate's schools project with Paines Plough

Roundabout Festival

Lighthouse, in partnership with Activate, brought a unique, intimate pop-up theatre to Poole Park in October 2017.

Enjoy the film of the experience, created by Mike Petitdemange:

Activate & Paines Plough, Outreach Film, October 17 from ActivatePerformingArts on Vimeo.

Audience were seated in a circle around a stage with a great view of the actors. Roundabout's bespoke configuration combines comfortable seating with cutting-edge sound and lighting technology to create an unmissable theatrical experience.

Paines Plough, renowned and respected theatre company, in partnership with Theatre Clwyd and Orange Tree Theatre, tour Roundabout throughout the UK. It specifically showcases the work of Playwrights, many of whom go on to have stellar success - Elinor Cook, who wrote Out Of Love has recently enjoyed critical acclaim for her reworking of The Lady From The Sea, performed at Donmar Warehouse, Oct-Dec 2017

Activate's Theatre Producer, Wendy Petitdemange was awarded funds from Cultural Hub to allow schools to enjoy this unique experience.

The Cultural Hub is a unique consortium of arts/cultural organisations and schools in Bournemouth and Poole which promotes talking, sharing of skills, and a meaningful relationship between the education and cultural sectors.  Its role is to bring together colleagues from schools and cultural organisations to create, develop and deliver inspirational learning opportunities for children and young people.

Cultural Hub funded drama and creative writing workshops in 4 schools with Paines Plough and, offered tickets to the show in the Roundabout as well as financial support with transport. 

Lighthouse and Activate brought The Roundabout to Poole Park in 2016 and were keen to build on the workshops we had in Canford heath, Poole; enhancing engagement and audience development in non- traditional theatre spaces – as well as offering really high class drama and experience. 

The company Paines Plough delivered 8 workshops – 2 per school; one creative writing workshop and one drama/theatre workshop. 

There was also an opportunity for the children to enjoy a technical tour and see the sound and lights in the auditorium before the play – this was a welcome addition to the workshops in schools as it provided an exciting technical element to the project.

The event featured three separate performances

By Brad Birch 

Rebecca and Paul are running away. Away from memories and mistakes.  

They’re trying to save their relationship. They need time and space. An isolated house in the country is the perfect place to work things out. They set themselves rules: they have to be honest, they have to listen and they have to be fair. 

But you can’t run forever. Especially when you’re being followed.  

Black Mountain is a tense psychological thriller about betrayal and forgiveness by winner of the Harold Pinter Commission Brad Birch.


By Elinor Cook 

Lorna and Grace do everything together. They share crisps, cigarettes and crushes. That's what happens when you're best friends forever.   

But when Lorna gets a place at University, and Grace gets pregnant, they suddenly find themselves in starkly different worlds. Can anything bridge the gap between them?  

A tale of friendship, love and rivalry over thirty years from award-winning playwright Elinor Cook. 

"Intelligent and savagely funny" The Times on Elinor Cook  


By Sarah McDonald-Hughes  

Molly cooks. Molly does the dishes. Molly gets her little brother Joe ready for school. Molly is only 12, but she doesn't feel much like a kid anymore.   

Now Molly's Mum is feeling better, maybe things will get back to normal. Can you help Molly learn how to be a kid again? 

Join Molly, Joe and her Nan for a larger than life story of family, friends and fitting in. 

Warning: Contains dancing, chocolate cake and an epic car chase. 

For ages 7+.