PASS - Cross Channel Circus

Activate is part of an exciting Anglo/French project that has been designed to promote contemporary circus in the UK and France. PASS promotes circus as an art form through the production and presentation of new work and the touring of existing French and British shows. Within the project there are opportunities for emerging and mid career artists to develop their practice, raise their game and achieve wider exposure plus training opportunities for technicians working with contemporary circus artists.  Click on the links below the images for more information about Activate's work within the PASS project

The PASS Partnership

SEMINAR – Contemporary Circus in Rural Settings


Rural Tour 2013     Rural Tour 2014

PASS Supporting the Remix

Remix Summer Residency 2014

PASS Supporting Remix Gold

Large Scale Outdoor Circus

Continued Professional Development

Workshops for Artists and young People

Upswing Aerial and Rouge Elea Residency

Joli Vyann

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How to apply


PASS Circus Channel Project Manager         

Sarah Colwell


  • Rouge Elea

  • Balancera ©Neil Goridge

  • Extraordinary Bodies

  • Inside Out Dorset Associate Programme ©Mike Petitdemange

  • Les Philibulistes

  • Seminar - Contemporary Circus in Rural Settings -12 Sept 2014

  • Ordures et Menagere Cie Hors Pistes

  • Atelier LeFeuvre et Andre 8M3 ©Matthieu Hagene

  • Atelier LeFeuvre et Andre 8M3 ©Matthieu Hagene

  • Remix Gold