Mural Artist, Bridport

Bridport Literary and Scientific Institute Restoration project
Artist Brief for hoarding mural project

1.    Introduction

This brief sets out the requirements for an artist [“the artist”] to work with local schools to develop a mural reflecting the history and heritage of the LSI, for the temporary hoarding facing on to East Street during construction work.  The hoarding mural project is part of the programme of activities for the Bridport Literary and Scientific Institute Restoration Project, which will restore and bring back into community use the Bridport Literary and Scientific Institute (LSI).  The project is being led and managed by the Bridport Area Development Trust (BADT).

2.    Context

The Bridport Area Development Trust (BADT) is a charitable organisation, set up in 2009 with the aim of promoting and realising the transfer of ownership of community assets (land and buildings) for the benefit of the Bridport community.  

The BADT has been successful in securing Heritage Lottery Funding for the project to restore Bridport Literary and Scientific Institute as a mixed-use community building incorporating interpretational material on its history and wider historic context, and the history of the local rope and net industry.  A full programme of interpretation activities has been developed for the project and the mural project will be a key element of this. 

3.    The Building

Built in 1833, the LSI was originally founded as a Mechanics Institute in 1834, set up to provide education for working men in local industry. In 1855 a new committee was formed, the ‘Literary and Scientific Institute’, and in 1864 the building was conveyed to the L&SI trustees to encourage “the intellectual and moral improvement of all classes and the cultivation of Literature, Science and Art.” In 1865, the Bridport School of Art was established, operating on the first floor of the building, where it developed to become one of the most successful art schools in the South West of England.  

In more recent history, following a period of time when the building was requisitioned for war service, the Institute closed in 1950 and was re-opened as a Dorset County Council public library. The library relocated in 1997 and since then the building has been closed to the public.

Bridport Literary and Scientific Institute is a Grade II* Listed building, identified as a key building within the Bridport townscape conservation area.  It has been on English Heritage’s At Risk Register since 2002.

4.    The Project
The project will save and restore the building, retaining it as a community asset in line with its original aims.  It will help to revitalise the eastern end of the Town Centre and work with other organisations in the vicinity to develop that part of town as an attractive and vibrant cultural area.  

There will be open public access to the most important areas of the building, which will incorporate areas of interpretation, offering people a chance to find out more about the history of the building and its links with the local rope and net industry.  There will be a public programme of talks and events reflecting the building’s artistic, literary and scientific roots and space will be available for a wide range of community uses including formal and informal meetings, workshops and displays. In order to enable the building to operate without public subsidy, areas of the building will be available to small local businesses/enterprises and for education and training. A café will operate on the ground floor, servicing users of the building and the public.

The renovation of the building will create a modern work environment for skills and business development, alongside public, community and civic meeting space. The significance of the LSI building and thee town’s successful net and rope industry will be clearly reflected through interpretative material and interior design, which will demonstrate Bridport’s on-going technological and innovative advances in this sector. 

5.    Mural hoarding project 
While the capital work is underway the site will be screened from the public on the road side by hoarding boards.  These boards provide an opportunity to inform the general public about the work as well as meeting health and safety requirements for the site.  Artist led work will enhance the appearance of this screening and also meet heritage interpretation objectives.  The target group for participation in this project will be local primary schools.

The Activities Coordinator will be responsible for engaging and coordinating schools’ involvement and project management, leaving the artist free to run the workshops.  

The artwork can be created in any medium although appropriateness to location, security, maintenance, durability and health and safety must be addressed in material selection.  

The proposed structure for delivery of the project should include time allocated to idea development with schools as well as practical delivery.  The Activities Coordinator can provide support with historical context and research in school through presentations and written information or on location in the town.  Teachers will be encouraged to help develop ideas, themes and design suggestions for the murals in school, to supplement and augment artist engagement time.

Hoarding Specifications
The hoardings will be attached to the main site scaffolding.  The board will be marine ply or similar.  The size of hoarding available for the mural is 2.4m high and up to 12m long.

6.    Terms and Conditions 
The project must be completed within the specified fixed fee and timetable.  Payment will be made on receipt of official invoice.  Terms of payment to be agreed on appointment.  

Artist(s) must have suitable public liability insurance and be CRB/DBS checked for projects working with children and vulnerable adults.

There is no holiday entitlement, pension scheme or other benefit associated with this appointment

Workshops and mural development should take place in February/March 2016. The Activities Coordinator will arrange a suitable venue for the project to accommodate the size of mural panels.  The mural needs to be completed and ready for installation by Friday 27 May 2016.  The main contractor will be responsible for installation of art work.

£2,750 inclusive of materials (not hoarding ply), travel and expenses.  Artists will be expected to allocate at least 8 days to workshops and preparation.

7.    Selection procedure
If you are interested in working on this project, please submit a short proposal, which includes:
•    A full and concise CV
•    An outline of how you would approach the work, including breakdown of expenditure and time allocation
•    The materials you would prefer to use
•    The relevant experience you have of working with young people/community groups and on this kind of project
•    Five images of your work, in particular any project work you have undertaken
•    Copy of your current CRB status/DBS status
•    Copy of your public liability insurance or letter of intention to obtain such insurance at the start of the project should you be successful (this will be checked following appointment)

We will select the candidate who appears to be most suitable; our decision is final.  

Application in writing by Friday 19 February 2016 to: 

Crystal Johnson, Activities Coordinator
Bridport Area Development Trust, c/o Mountfield, Rax Lane, Bridport DT6 3JP

Or email:

If you would like to discuss the projects in more detail please feel free to contact Crystal Johnson, Activities Coordinator on 07968 577867 or email

Please note that there will be other artist led projects for the project.  If you would like to receive details of other opportunities please email your contact details to Crystal Johnson.

Closing date: 
Friday 19th February 2016
How to apply: 

If you would like to discuss the projects in more detail please feel free to contact Crystal Johnson, Activities Coordinator on 07968 577867 or email

Opportunity type: 

How to apply

If you would like to discuss the projects in more detail please feel free to contact Crystal Johnson, Activities Coordinator on 07968 577867 or email