Early Career Producers’ & Curators’ Network and Training Programme

A long title but a cracking opportunity.

The aim is to pool together a group of emerging talent of Producer's in Dorset, across all art forms, including those who might not yet consider themselves as producers (ie. self producing artists) - it's 'early career' rather than age limited, which is roughly those with upto 5 years experience, but could include someone who has had a recent career change, for example, rather than being age-centric. 

You need to have a Dorset postcode to be eligible. 

Early Career Producers’ & Curators’ Network and Training Programme
Championing knowledge sharing and exchange in a spirit of generosity and reciprocity

6 days between October 2017-July 2018 Thursday 12 October in Dorchester after which group agrees on following 5 days

For Dorset based Early Career Freelance Producers and Curators to: a) become more resilient to make their freelance business more effective b) develop tomorrow’s cultural leaders and enhance opportunities for them in Dorset c) gain confidence in generic skills – facilitation, mentoring, evaluation, marketing d) develop fundraising and income generation skills

Programme of facilitated training including:

 Peer to peer group sessions of discussion of current/upcoming projects, or ideas for new projects, with a focus on how to fund them to realise them

 Masterclasses from guest advisors/speakers from a mix of funding options

 Practical support/mentoring for application writing, both peer to peer and masterclasses

Selection process: To apply please send a short letter of application to rosie@theartsdevelopmentcompany.org.uk stating why you wish to participate.

We will follow up with a telephone conversation to discuss the group aims and commitment.

We are seeking to engage with a diverse range of participants. Two places on the programme will be reserved for recent / upcoming graduates.

Timescale and commitment: Applicants must be able to commit to attending a full day every 6 weeks from September 2017 (total 6 days).

These will take place in different accessible venues across Dorset to enable participants to explore more of Dorset as an element of the development.

Additionally, there will be set tasks to complete between sessions as part of action learning and reflection process.

This is a practical, action based group, led by specialist trainers with time for reflection and networking. Full individual commitment is vital to the success of the collective network.

Costs: Training days are funded as part of Culture+ programme; participants will be responsible for their own travel arrangements.

For further details contact: rosie@theartsdevelopmentcompany.org.uk

Closing date: 
Tuesday 31st October 2017
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