Diverse Futures Website - a new site for young people with diverse needs

Our partners Diverse City have launched a fantastic new website, Diverse Futures, that signposts opportunities in the performing arts for young people in the UK who have particular needs or are disabled. From training courses to development opportunities to being able to see which organisations employ artists who are disabled. It's a unique and easy-to-use tool which will inspire young people and their parents/carers/advisers and to help them plan for a future career in the arts.

Diverse Futures is a project initiated by Diverse City who are our partners and advocates for diversity in the Performing Arts. They work with inclusive groups of young people, communities and professional artists.

For many years we employed their founder, Claire Hodgson as Artistic Director of The Remix, an inclusive group of youth performance comanies based in Dorset, run by us.

Many of the young people from Remix who are disabled are incredibly talented, passionate and creative emerging artists but they couldn't figure out how to continue in the performing arts after finishing school. There is a lack of information out there. As a result many are signposted to the social sciences, or general courses in life skills. They are rarely told about professional integrated performing arts provision. We all knew this needed to change.

Diverse City, Activate Performing Arts and The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation set out to create Diverse Futures. Our mission was to build an online map as a tool for young people, (as well as their parents/carers, friends and career advisors) and gather new intelligence on what provision there is for young people who are disabled who want to progress in the professional performing arts industry.

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