Community Performers callout - Rosemary Lee / Bath International Festival

Square Dances, Dance Umbrella 2011 // Photo credit: Richard Washbrooke

Bath Dance, ICIA and Rosemary Lee are looking for a cast of performers to get involved in RISING and MELT DOWN: a project which will be presented during Bath International Music Festival in May 2016

Renowned choreographer Rosemary Lee originally created a quartet of Square Dances (commissioned by Dance Umbrella) which were located in four squares in the heart of London.

Sections have subsequently been created in cities across the world - from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Heilbronn in Germany.

Rosemary will now be re-imagining two sections for the beautiful city of Bath working with collaborators: Fiona Millward, Henrietta Hale and Ben Ash. Her desire is to fill two green sites within Bath with movement for a brief time bringing a particular energy and quality to the space before departing out into the city's streets. Linked by the sound of different bells played live at each site, both RISING (cast of up to 30 women) and MELT DOWN (cast of up to 30 men) will be distinctive events unique to their location.
Each performance of RISING and MELT DOWN will last 10-15 minutes and both will be repeated 4 times throughout the performance day on Saturday 21st March 2016, as part of the Bath International Music Festival.

Would you like to take part?
You need no experience of dance or performance, but we welcome those who have an interest in movement, or physicality and who would like to perform outside.


Photo-credit: Richard Washbrooke

“I am looking for females aged 16yrs+ who love to move creatively and dance and explore a range of varied qualities through movement and who would relish the chance to perform outside with other women of all ages. I imagine the dance will be both lyrical and purposeful, delicate and powerful.”  Rosemary Lee

Inspired by specific features of The Circus, Fiona will be leading a group of local women to perform RISING. The performers will flock, pause and interweave amongst one another like migrating birds, using handheld bells to create a delicate soundscape within the tall trees of the Circus. Their equally fleeting departure will lead the audience on to the all-male performance of MELT DOWN.

There will be a taster session on Saturday 6th February at The Edge, Bath in the afternoon and you must be able to commit to all rehearsals and performance day from March to May 2016 (please see info pack below):RISING INFO PACKRISING APPLICATION (deadline 02.02.16)




Photo-credit: Hugo Glendinning

“I am looking for males aged 18yrs+ who love to move, are interested in performing with a group of men of all ages, and would relish the chance to perform a simple action which requires considerable physical control and concentration.”  Rosemary Lee

MELT DOWN located within a copse of trees on Royal Avenue, will be led by Henrietta assisted by Ben who will work with a cast of  local men to create a simple yet powerful work. With a single toll of a bell marking each minute, the group will slowly, almost imperceptibly ‘melt down’ to the ground, performing a simple, intense, slow action in unison.

There will be a taster session on Sunday 20th March at The Edge, Bath in the afternoon and you must be able to commit to the rehearsals and performance day in May (please see info pack below):MELT DOWN INFO PACKMELT DOWN APPLICATION (deadline 20.03.16)

Closing date: 
Tuesday 2nd February 2016
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