Call out: 4 Actors, 19th May, Lyme Regis area (lunch & travel exp.)



Stand Fast Theatre are workshopping their first commission, ‘Motherland’ written by brilliant

playwright Silva Semericyan, at Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis from the 16th - 20th May.

We are looking for four local actors to join us for one day - Thursday 19th May - to work on a large improvised scene. ‘Motherland’ is the untold story of the Chernobyl disaster, and the community left behind, 30 years on. Exploring what happens when your home is in one of the most toxic regions on earth.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with an emerging theatre company, director and writer on an important new play, exploring the scope of the ‘party’ scene in this thrilling new piece of work. Director Katie Henry set up Stand Fast in collaboration with producer Alice Massey a year ago, ‘Motherland’ marks the first piece of work to launch the company. We are delighted to be workshopping the play at Marine Theatre’s R&D by the Sea! We presented initial scenes of ‘Motherland’ at Salisbury Playhouse for Theatre Fest West on 18th March - you can see more about the event

Unfortunately we can not pay a fee for the day but lunch will be provided along with £5 travel expenses per person. Find information about ‘Motherland’ below.

If you would like to be considered please send a CV to CASTING REQUIRED

Sasha - Russian patrol guard: bullish, hard but kind hearted. 35-40 year old male.

Marianna - Babushka, late 70’s. Sweet, gentle and self-absorbed.

Dimitri - 21, ‘Stalker’ - a gamer who plays ‘stalker’ a game during which the character breaks into the exclusion zone. Immature, alpha, charisma, arrogant, naive. Lost boy.

Sergei - 20, ‘Stalker’ - a gamer who plays ‘stalker’ a game during which the character breaks into the exclusion zone. Trying to keep up with Dimitri, but doesn’t have the confidence. Follower rather than a leader, a reluctant rebel, naive. Lost boy.


By Silva Semerciyan in collaboration with Katie Henry.

No one should live here. It’s the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the most toxic place on earth. Thirty years ago, reactor four exploded, contaminating the land with nuclear waste forever. The local population was evacuated to Moscow and Kiev. But eighty- four year old Olga returned and dug under a fence to sneak back in. She’s been living here for years. The Russian patrols turn a blind eye. They even bring her pension cheques and protect her from scavengers. Then one day, her nineteen year old granddaughter Alina arrives from Kiev saying that she’s moving in - for good.

Motherland examines the fallout from the Soviet era and the unsettling concept of ‘home’.

To coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, ’Motherland’ will examine the life some of the women, many in their 70s and 80s, have chosen, against the backdrop of the political and ethical issues that still surround the disaster.

A small community of 200 women have survived, and remain in the Dead Zone despite being told to live elsewhere, they choose to stay put, in defiance of the Ukrainian government that has deemed their homeland now uninhabitable. They have opted for a life that involves a daily struggle for survival, and a constant fear of starvation – so that they can stay close to the graves of their husbands, sons and daughters, and on land that has borne witness to decades of war and family history.

The zone is visited by thrill seeking video gamers, Stalkers, who dare to live out their fantasies in this post-apocalyptic world – creating a compelling intergenerational juxtaposition rich in dramatic potential.

We will examine the twin pulls and healing powers of homeland and personal freedom and the effects that environment and place can have on men and women, across generations.

Closing date: 
Sunday 15th May 2016
travel and lunch
How to apply: 

If you would like to be considered please send a CV to CASTING REQUIRED

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How to apply

If you would like to be considered please send a CV to CASTING REQUIRED

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