Call for Participation in Surf the Wave's Artist as Entrepreneur Programme

Surf the Wave is an ambitious programme to create a step change in how the UK showcases dance and extends and strengthens tours for artists and companies. It has emerged from the National Dance Network and is supported by the Showcasing Strategy Working Group.

PDSW is hosting Surf the Wave between 2017 and 2020. It starts with an eighteen-month programme (October 2017 to May 2019) of talent development and artist support involving artists, producers and promoters (including those new to dance) around the country. 

Then there is the UK Dance Showcase itself, which will run from 16-19 May 2019. After the Showcase, there will be a year’s programme of touring and development support to help realize tour bookings and strengthen artist/promoter relationships stemming from the Showcase.

For further information on Surf the Wave please contact:


Call for participation:

We are pleased to announce our call for participation in the Surf The Wave Artist as Entrepreneur programme. 

We are seeking applications from independent dance artists, dance companies and their producers to participate in a year-long programme of activities that aims to

• Create a space for thinking about how we create, communicate and collaborate in dance

• Build and strengthen networks and relationships with promoters and venues

• Open up possibilities for touring dance across the UK

• Support artists and companies to respond to these new opportunities

How to apply

To apply, please visit or email for more information.