Artist wanted for Poole regeneration project, The Arts Development Company

Artist wanted for Poole regeneration project, The Arts Development Company


Exciting opportunity for an artist/urban designer/landscape architect to work as part of an engineering team and other regeneration developments in Poole, Dorset, UK. We want to increase the quality of the resident and visitor experience as well as encouraging repeat visits, thus helping the local economy.

Dorset Coast Forum are looking to appoint a Consultant Artist / Urban Designer/ Landscape Architect (for the sake of this brief now known as ‘artist’) for concept development and detailed design on two exciting public realm projects in Poole, Dorset. The project recognises the importance of the artist, who will have a creative and innovative input, whilst being sensitive to the surrounding environment and helping to ensure an exceptional quality of design. This is reflected in our aspiration to bring in an artist at the start of the project and to enable them to work as part of the cross-disciplinary team who will deliver the project. These projects are part of the wider ‘Dorset Coastal Connections’ portfolio of 18 projects funded by the Coastal Community Fund and coordinated by the Dorset Coast Forum who are working collaboratively with The Arts Development Company and the individual project teams. The whole project is a high-profile development for Dorset and is likely to attract local media attention as well as much public interest.


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Closing date: 
Monday 8th January 2018
£9,000 for full outline delivery
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