Artist Commission Opportunity - Dorset & Somerset Railway

S&D 50: Outdoor Interpretation, Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust Ltd

South West Closes Saturday 31 October 2015 Paid (£50k+ pro rata)

 Artform: combined arts, dance, interdisciplinary arts, music, theatre, visual arts, Other, outdoor arts   

Contact:Steph Gillett  


During 2016 the Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust will mark the 50th anniversary of closure of the Somerset & Dorset (S&D) Railway in March 1966 after 112 years of service. We will commemorate this much loved and lamented railway with a programme of events at sites associated with the S&D and at our own base at Washford station on the West Somerset Railway. A travelling exhibition and associated activities will visit communities along the routes of this iconic railway from Bath to Burnham-on-Sea, Wells and Bridgwater in Somerset, and to Poole, Bournemouth and Wimborne in Dorset. 

The project will help keep alive the spirit, history and heritage of the railway as a major cross country rail route, its importance to the communities through which it passed, and the social impact of its closure. Working in partnership with councils, museums, libraries, heritage railways and other groups we will engage with local communities through a range of interpretative materials, outdoor arts, activities and presentations. 

The project is supported by an Our Heritage grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). 

The Trust requires an experienced outdoor artist (or artists) to design, create and deliver a dramatic, bold and imaginative interpretation of events surrounding the closure of the S&D in 1966. The interpretation is to take place at a number of outdoor locations to coincide with the travelling exhibition and other events between March and October 2016. 

Please contact Steph Gillett, Hon. Curator, for a detailed brief, email:

Proposals should be submitted by Friday 13 November 2015.

Closing date: 
Saturday 31st October 2015
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Please contact Steph Gillett, Hon. Curator, for a detailed brief - email:

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How to apply

Please contact Steph Gillett, Hon. Curator, for a detailed brief - email: