Your help needed to secure future arts funding in Dorset

Dorset Council are proposing significant changes to how grants are awarded to organisations in the culture, community and voluntary sectors in our county.

Please let Dorset Council know that you value the contribution arts makes to life in Dorset.

We think the arts has a huge impact in Dorset. Click HERE to access the survey.

The arts empowers the next generation through working with young people

Activate’s group for young people aged 11-19, The Remix — many of whom have disabilities, sensory impairments, are on the autistic spectrum or have learning difficulties — provides regular free workshops and performance opportunities in dance and theatre. The Remix overcomes barriers by providing appropriate care staff and artists, and a safe environment where young people can develop friendships and be nurtured. 


The arts enhance our wellbeing and helps create strong, healthy communities

Activate’s live streaming project Live Landscapes enabled patients aged 4-70 to access our Inside Out Dorset festival digitally from hospital. Patients told us it helped distract them from pain, took them ‘out’ of the medicalised context and increased their emotional wellbeing.


Arts & culture organisations in Dorset help drive our economy and bring investment into Dorset

For every £1 invested in Activate by Dorset Councils last year, we brought £12.20 of new money into the county. We also employed 289 artists, staff and technicians last year.

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Help protect the future of the arts in Dorset by completing Dorset Council’s survey before 11 March 2020. 

Click HERE to access the survey. 


Written by Irene
Published on 26th February 2020